Health Infrastructure

Portable hospital and medical units that serve as stand-alone or auxiliary hospitals at urban and rural areas.

Standard Healthcare Units

About 75% of the healthcare infrastructure is in urban India, where only 27% of the population lives.

We're furthering a healthcare revolution so the residents of remote lands can get access to the best of medical assistance, without having to travel hundreds of kilometers for medical assistance.

MediCab is a ready-to-assemble hospital unit for urgent healthcare needs like consultations, first aid treatment, pre-surgery checks, and so on.

MediCab provide a decentralized approach to detect, screen, identify, isolate, and treat patients within their own local communities.


Like any hospital.
Unlike any hospital.
Choose from our range of MediCabs.

While our first MediCab model was built to address the urgent needs of the pandemic, our range of modules solve a problem above and beyond it.

Today, we have four cabins that bridge the gaps in the rural healthcare sector.

And these can be used, reused, and repurposed at will.


Portable, ready-to-assemble pharmacies for medical professionals to dispense medical drugs.

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Portable, ready-to-assemble clinics for medical professionals to administer specialised treatments for outpatients.

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Inpatient Ward

Portable, ready-to-assemble inpatient wards for medical professionals to admit and treat patients for a short duration.

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Intensive care units (ICUs) are specialist hospital wards that provide treatment and close monitoring for people who are very ill.

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High-quality, durable structures.

And more user-driven features that matter to you.

Add on medical furniture

Need medical furniture like semi-fowler beds, bedside lockers, saline stands, and more? Let us know and we will send it all along with the MediCab.

Negative pressure unit

Clean air is everything - whether it's the pandemic or not. Our MediCabs ensure the purity of the inside air by enabling excellent air circulation.

Superior thermal insulation

Increased floor height and special ventilation system to make the cabins comfortable even without electricity.

CDSCO approved

Our cabins are specialised structures approved by the Central Drug Control Administration.

In-built free safety

Clean air is everything - whether it's the pandemic or not. Our MediCabs ensure the purity of the inside air by enabling excellent air circulation.

Certified and tested

Our structures are built according to the Indian Standard Building codes and IS codes.

Our clients have used and reused our cabins. And have come back for more.

Rapid, reusable,tech-driven buildings.

Individuals, businesses, governments, and NGOs trust us to build modular, portable, affordable,and reusable infrastructure in 90 days.








Sq. Ft. Built

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we deliver insanely great customer and user experience. Yes, our structures come with a warranty of 10 years.
Yes, we're a young team on a mission. And, all your other Qs answered!

How strong and durable are the modules?

Our structures are designed according to the National Building Codes of India. The load bearing frames of the modules are made of steel with a density of 7850 kg/m3. It also can withstand wind load upto 50 m/s.

What kind of materials are used?

Our modules are made of two different base materials: 1. PUF (Polyurethane Foam) sandwich panels 2. LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Frame)

What is the lifespan of the structure?

The lifespan of the PUF (Polyurethane Foam) module is a minimum of 25 years and the LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Frame) module is a minimum of 50 years.

If I am building the ground floor with Modulus, will I be able to build another floor in the future?

Yes - but only if it is preplanned. We encourage you to convey this to us in the initial stage so that the structure can be designed to take on additional load. We can create a new structure around the building which can take the extended structure's load and at the same time connect with the existing floor levels.

What are the warranty’s terms and conditions?

The structural warranty is valid for a period of 10 yrs. However, the warranty of the panels, fittings, and other accessories will follow OEM's terms and conditions which will be directly passed on to you - the end consumer or buyer.

How does portability and reusability work with these structures?

It is easy to install, dismantle and port it to different locations. If you’d like to relocate your structures and repurpose it, then we encourage you to contact team Modulus Housing.We will guide you through the process and our team will get it done for you in 2-3 weeks time.

Can people break into the structures?

No, the structure is designed in such a way that it is as resistant as a conventional building.

Is there any maintenance?

We recommend that you regularly paint the structures. The maintenance cost is less than traditional maintenance.

Are there any government approvals?

You need not get any approvals from your end to purchase and use our structures. Our structures are designed according to the National Building Codes of India.

Where are Modulus Housing’s factories located?

We partner with manufacturers across India to produce these structures. We undertake quality checks of the materials being procured, vet the manufacturing partners and factories, as well as ensure the final products are 10/10. Our partner factories are located in these areas: 1. Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 2. Indore, Madhya Pradesh 3. Mumbai, Maharashtra 4. Chhapi, Gujarat 5. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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