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Building solutions for organisations on a mission.

Come to us with your infrastructural goals and needs. We help you build high-quality modular infrastructure that change lives across the world.

Rapid, reusable,
tech-driven buildings.

At Modulus Housing, we match your expectations + budget + speed, and more. You get more than just a service provider making a sale. You get a partner who helps you solve your problems and achieve your social missions.

Rapid Construction

Built from scratch in 90 days

We know time is what’s at stake for you. And we don't crumble under pressure like concrete buildings. Whether you’re in a hurry - or not - you get the best of everything we have to offer. The quality, design, facilities, and support - everything.

Portable, Reusable

Designed for not one or two, but multiple uses and moves.

Concrete buildings are great. But can they be moved around at will and repurposed for different purposes? Modular structures like ours, sure can.


Like the buildings you have always known and seen. But way better.

Modular homes are not just a box. These cabins are equipped with highly-functional, tech-based features that will wow you with its practicality and simplicity.


You get what you want. But we go the extra mile.

We identify and solve problems that we spot during the consultation and design stages. You ask for a MediCab that can handle the influx of Covid patients, we deliver one with a ventilation system.

Offsite Construction

Modular structures call for modern construction methods.

Unlike traditional construction, we plan, design, and manufacture offsite. Which means - time saved, reduced waste, faster construction, and no delays in timelines due to unforeseen environmental factors.

Certified & Approved

Certifications. Check. Approvals. Check.

Our modular cabins are all pre-certified by government agencies. And our umbrella certification means you don’t have to get any approvals separately. A relief, no?

Deploy Anywhere

Very, very easy to assemble and set up - anywhere.

We help you transport the cabins anywhere you want - even remote, inaccessible locations. We do this without the use of any heavy machinery or water.

For Scale

Give us a number. Any number. Go on, try us.

With our manufacturing partners spread across India, we can manufacture at scale while retaining high quality. One or ten thousand of our cabins. All of these plants undergo strict quality standards and checks, so you know you’re getting only the best with each cabin.

Get your hands on prefabricated,
modular buildings now in 5 steps.

No more waiting for months (or longer) for an expensive, concrete structure built for a single purpose. Choose rapid, reusable, tech-based modular homes instead. We're ready when you are.

You talk, we listen, and send over the proposal and quote.

The first step to solving any problem is to get to know it inside and out. We push beyond the usual question of “What product are you interested in?” and drill deeper into needs analysis.

Time to get hands-on and creative.

We design and tweak our structures to suit your needs. After an in-depth user experience study tied to the problem we’re trying to solve, our team works on building creative design solutions with our highly customisable product list.

We get to work and build your modular structures.

After the design sign-off, we start manufacturing the cabins offsite. Simultaneously, we will conduct soil tests on the site and kickstart the foundation work.

Your modular structures are ready and on the way to your location!

Our packaging and logistics partners help us all the way from site preparation to setting up the furnished cabins.  Modules are shipped to the desired location and set up.

After delivery and setup, we're one call away. Really.

With a 5-year warranty included with every purchase and annual maintenance contracts, we are one call away for any help required. We revert within 24 hours to help you find a win-win solution.

Build affordable, standardised structures
with Modulus Housing.

The first step to solving any problem is to get to know it inside and out. We push beyond the usual question of “What product are you interested in?” and drill deeper into needs analysis. Together, we arrive at a project plan, timeline.

Portable hospital and medical units that serve as stand-alone or auxiliary hospitals at urban and rural areas.

Portable storage units that serve as micro-factories and storage solutions in rural areas.

Portable education infrastructure that serve as schools, labs, and vocational training centers.

Portable and reusable offices built to offer better, safer and cleaner offices in construction sites.

Portable, affordable, and modular home units in the rural and urban areas.

Rapid, reusable, tech-driven buildings.

Individuals, businesses, governments, and NGOs trust us to build modular, portable, affordable,and reusable infrastructure in 90 days.








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Disrupting the construction and housing industry with modular homes,hospitals, schools, micro-factories, and offices.

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