A warehouse is a commercial building for the storage of goods. Warehouses are utilized by exporters, wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, etc.


Storage area | Private storage area


400 sqft

cost estimate

Standard model starts from Rs. 1499/- per sqft

Comfort model starts from Rs. 2199/- per sqft

Our warehouse is designed to be modular, so that farmers can easily add on to it as their needs grow. It is made out of prefabricated panels that can be quickly assembled on site. The panels are insulated and weatherproof, so that the warehouse can be used year-round. The warehouse has a large door at one end, and windows on the sides to let in natural light. There is also a ventilation system to keep the air inside the warehouse fresh.



floor area

Technical Details


400 sqft

Materials :

Sandwich PUF panels

PPGI roof sheets

Fiber cement boards for flooring