Pharmacy and diagnostic centre

A pharmacy cabin is a small, temporary structure that is typically used to dispense medication to patients in remote locations. These cabins are typically staffed by a pharmacist and a few pharmacy technicians. A diagnostic center is a medical facility where patients can receive diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions.


Pharmacy | Diagnostic centre


400 sqft

cost estimate

Standard model starts from Rs. 1499/- per sqft

Comfort model starts from Rs. 2199/- per sqft

Our Pharmacy and diagnostic ward is a modular prefabricated 400 sq. ft cabin that epitomizes functionality in every aspect of its design. The simple sleek structural form expresses functional design and easy setup time while allowing us to keep the cost affordable. The cabin comes fully furnished with cabins for storage, a billing counter, and a separate area for running diagnostic tests.



floor area

Technical Details


400 sqft

Materials :

Sandwich PUF panels

PPGI roof sheets

Fiber cement boards for flooring