Intensive care units (ICUs) are specialist hospital wards that provide treatment and monitoring for people who are very ill. They are sometimes known as critical care units or intensive therapy units. ICUs are usually found in larger hospitals. They have more staff and equipment than other wards, and are often linked to operating theatres and other specialist areas such as imaging departments. Patients in an ICU may be very ill and need close monitoring. They may be connected to machines that help them breathe or pump blood around their body. ICU staff include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and dietitians. Patients usually stay in an ICU for a few days, but some may need to stay for weeks or even months.


4 Beds | 1 Bathroom


400 sqft

cost estimate

Standard model starts from Rs. 1499/- per sqft

Comfort model starts from Rs. 2199/- per sqft

Our ICU ward is a modular prefabricated 400 sq.ft cabin that epitomizes functionality in every aspect of its design. The simple sleek structural form expresses functional design and easy setup time while allowing us to keep the cost affordable. The cabin comes fully furnished with 4 ICU beds, saline stands, storage units, chairs, and tables. The cabin also comes with electrical including lights, fans, exhaust fans, AC switches, geyser switches, and fully furnished western-styled bathrooms. The unit also has a negative pressure unit which is designed to improve the ventilation in the cabin. It was instrumental in the fight against COVID, keeping the contaminated air outside of the cabin.





floor area

400 sqft

Technical Details


400 sqft

Materials :

Sandwich PUF panels

PPGI roof sheets

Fiber cement boards for flooring